Russian Looking Glass and Traceroute List

Looking glasses and traceroutes of Russian and xUSSR ISPs.
Список looking glass'ов и traceroute'ов российских провайдеров.
Report bugs/problems, new looking glasses and traceroutes to
Пишите нам о проблемах, о новых tracerout'ах и looking glass'ах на


Agava (AS39561)
Anders Telecom (AS39792)
Atlant Telecom (AS35310)
CNT (AS8615)
Comcor (AS8732)
Corbina Telecom (AS8402)
City Telecom (AS29076)
Dataline (AS49063)
Demos (AS2578)
Di-Net (AS12695)
ER-Telecom (AS9049)
Eurasia Telecom (AS28968)
Fiord (AS28917)
GLDN/Sovintel/Beeline (AS3216)
Garant-park (AS5537)
IIP-Net (AS5558)
IVI.RU (AS57629) (AS31240)
MAcomnet (AS8470)
Masterhost (AS25532)
Megafon (AS31133)
NEW-TC (AS43670) (AS3333)
Skylink (AS12958)
MSK-IX Route Server (AS8631)
MTU/Comstar/MTS (AS8359) (AS47764)
OMSK.RU (AS31643)
Orange Business Services (AS2854)
Oversun-Mercury (AS48172)
Procenter (AS30953)
Rascom (AS20764)
Relcom (AS2118) (AS9002)
Rinet (AS8331)
Rostelecom (AS12389)
RTComm.RU (AS8342)
RUNNet (AS3267)
RusComNet (AS21414)
RUSnet (AS3277; traceroute)
Selectel (AS49505)
StartTelecom (AS8744)
TeliaSonera (AS1299)
TransTeleCom (AS20485)
UNNET/Oyster Telecom (AS31323)
utransit (AS30943;traceroute)
VTC - VostokTelecom (AS8920)
VKontakte (AS47541)
ZENON (AS6903; traceroute)
Zap-SibTranstelecom (AS21127)

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